Using Morning Message Memos to Yourself Are a Great Way to Establish An Intended Tone of Positivity and Gratefulness For Your Day

By: Scott McEachern, legal practitioner coach

With the intensity and stresses of work as a legal practitioner, setting an intention for the tone of your day helps to establish and ensure the attitude of positivity and gratefulness that will carry you through your day with a rewarding sense of achievement and fulfillment.  By expressly stating an early expectation of accomplishment, the heavy workload of the day that you may be facing will appear less daunting; and instead, viewed appreciatively as an opportunity to overcome challenges and reap the rewards of satisfaction and worthiness.

A common mental struggle for many legal practitioners is to maintain a state of healthy wellbeing due the constant sense of urgency imposed by various deadlines as well as cient expectations, among other things.  However, and ironically, adding the daily task of consciously deciding how you intend your day to unfold, before your day actually unfolds, can indeed greatly affect how your day does unfold.  Simply put, if you start of a day with the thought that, "Today is going to go for shit.", you are beginning your day with "Stinking Thinking" (quote credit: Zig Ziglar).  Instead, choose you day.  Decide that, "Today will be filled with many tasks to overcome.".  Doing this may sound quirky; however, positivity breeds positivity.  Furthermore, at the end of the day, if faced with many tasks incomplete due to interruptions, among other things, remain focused on the fact that the volume of your workload arises because of the faith in you carried by your clients, your colleagues, and even your subconscious self.

Try starting each day by writing a message to yourself.  Entitle the message as "Message to Myself" and then, in only a few words, make a statement.  Some of my own favourites include, "You Got This.", "You Are Worthy.", "You Are Valuable.", "The journey is wonderful.", "You Are Achieving Your Dreams.".

While writing messages to your self may just seem like self-inflicted mind games, try a Morning Message everyday for a week.  Even if you at first perceive doing so is a little weird and hokey-pokey, you just may find yourself very quickly convinced as to the power of actively deciding, rather than passively allowing, the outcome of your day.  Take control of how you feel rather than allowing control of your feelings by circumstance.

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