Pursuing Your Dreams Requires An Acceptance That Challenges Are Necessary and Beneficial

By: Scott McEachern, legal practitioner coach

Winding Stairway If you were upstairs in a house and the doorbell rang, would you take the stairs down to a landing, to the point where the stairs turn away from the direction of the door, and then stop?  Would you stop because the stairs are now taking you away from the direction of your destination - being the front door?  Of course, you would continue and you would be undeterred by the fact that the stairs temporarily require you to head in a direction that is moving you away from your destination because you have a fundamental understanding of how stairs work and you have trust and faith that the stairs will get you to where you are actually headed.

Following your dreams requires this same mentality.  In pursuing your dreams, many challenges will arise that seem to set you off course and to point you in the wrong direction; however, similar to the stairs, minor and temporary redirections are merely that - just minor and temporary redirections.

Twists and Turns

When you accept that challenges will arise, and challenges are indeed beneficial, growth inspiring, and what makes the effort of overcoming the challenges so satisfying, you will appreciate challenges and appreciate that challenges are simply an inherent component of the pathway to success.  Remember, just like you are unable to truly experience joy without an understanding of sorrow, the sense of achievement is absent without the handling of challenges.

Accordingly, welcome challenges and recognize that challenges that appear to disrupt your journey are just like the stairs whereas both provide the steps that carry you towards your goals - even when it seems that you are pointed in the wrong direction.

Expect the Unexpected

Remember, the cancelled appointment, the computer crash, the dog who threw up on the carpet, the coffee spilled on a clean shirt, or even the unexpectedly large tax bill, that appears as a challenge to your dreams, is just a temporary hindrance offering an opportunity for your to overcome and to gain a sense of accomplishment.

Wishing you great blessings with just enough challenges within your journey towards your dreams for success!

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