Making Ta Da Lists Instead of To Do Lists Provides Encouragement When Performing Tasks

By: Scott McEachern, legal practitioner coach

A To Do list implies various outstanding tasks remaining and such can be subconsciously deflating whereas a Ta Da list implies awaiting achievements and such can be subconsciously inspiring.  Accordingly, just by changing the context of your tasks, the very perception of your workload can take on a completely different feel. 

Additionally, be sure to include interim rewards within your Ta Da list.  For example, Item #4 on your Ta Da list can be "Take a 10 Minute Break" or "Get a Coffee Refill". It is common that people will include a reward for reaching the end of the list; however, interruptions throughout the day, among other things, can often result in intrusions that result in failure to complete the list; however, as Meatloaf said, "two-outta-three-ain't-bad", so be sure to include little rewards along the way.

Just by changing context by using a Ta Da list, rather than a To Do list, and including interim rewards, your daily tasks can feel much more fulfilling.

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