The Ten Minutes It Takes To Make Your Morning Coffee Is the Ten Most Important Minutes of the Day

By: Scott McEachern, legal practitioner coach

Woman Holding Morning Coffee Many people start the day with a morning cup of coffee or tea or some other beverage of habit.  Others may start the day with a cigarette (an unfortunate addiction).  Regardless of your morning habits, there is one habit that should be included and this one habit takes only the same ten minutes.

Beginning Your Day With Inspiration

Firstly, waking up is a blessing for which everyone should express gratitude.  Even before getting out of bed say, "thank you" for the opportunity to participate in a new day.  Always remember, there are people who failed to wake.  Developing this habit is without an intent to establish morbid thoughts.  Instead, this habit is intended to ensure appreciation and excitement for the positive energy and constructive action that you possess and the valuable contributions you are poised to deliver.

You decide how to experience your day
and you deserve to experience your best day.

Secondly, while making your morning coffee, or engaging in whatever ten minute task that is one of your first tasks of the day, listen to an inspirational talk.  YouTube, Spotify, among others, are excellent sources for inspiration talks.  Listen to the stories of success mentors; listen to the summary of failures overcome, of achievements beyond expectation, and of results beyond dreams.  Before reading or watching the news, set your day up for positivity.  Indeed, even with all the stories of negativity and heartbreak that come with the morning news via television, radio, or even Facebook, make the personal choice to establish a positive tone in your day and choose to include an inspirational talk delivered by others who are achievers.

Decide that you are an achiever.  Take note that the achievers delivering inspirational talks are simply sharing the story of a journey - the journey along the road that leads from opportunity to achievement.  Also take note that this is a road that is open.  Recognize that the road does come with a toll - the toll of your efforts; however, this toll is a low price for the rewarding benefits that are received from the scenery of the journey.  Indeed, developing a daily habit of listening to a morning inspiration, truly listening rather than just hearing, can stimulate a changed viewpoint from a dreary day of chores into an exciting day of awaiting accomplishments.

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