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Scott McEachern, legal practitioner coach, began studying the law and helping others to understand legal matters, in particular liability risk management, in 1991, as part of the duties within the role of an insurance broker. 

Over the following three decades, during careers as an insurance broker and then as a litigation paralegal, Scott developed expertise in many areas of substantive law, legal theory, general practice, and countless hours within the courtroom.

The shortfall between the theory taught in school and what a paralegal actually needs to know as practical knowledge for a successful career is significant.  Textbooks are unable to provide the how-to explanation of dealing with a difficult client or how to determine a reasonable rate for your unique niche services.

When you need to understand the relevant legal issues, statute law, case law, and practical knowledge, necessary to best position your case for success in the courtroom, contact the Paralegal Coach..

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